Free Range Training with the Tin Can API

There is a new emerging standard for eLearning – the Tin Can API.

For the past decade and a half this equation: SCORM + LMS = eLearning has served both academic and corporate training organizations very well. Vendors got to sell LMSs and SCORM learning modules, trainers got to collect somewhat-useful metrics, and everything more or less worked together most of the time.

It was a simpler time, back then…

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Free Range Training with the Tin Can API

China’s changing design trends are driven by Millennials and Gen Z

SocialChina Communications

Coming from a graphic arts background, I’ve always been aware of the different cultural aesthetics we associate with different regions and nations. Colour palettes can range from vibrant to subdued, and the use of imagery and space can differ radically from one context to the next.

I’ve also been very aware that it is easy to fall into stereotypes when thinking about national design trends. After all, whatever tendencies and preferences might exist culturally are usually rapidly submerged by artist, audience, message and medium – Japanese design is no more ‘all anime art’ than US design is ‘all tattoo art’.

Likewise China has many competing design aesthetics, and a few noticeable trends and differences…

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New Generation, New Look

Migrating to WordPress as your University CMS

Presented at #PSEWEB 2015 – McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

In 2014, Brescia University College migrated our full range of web sites from a mix of static HTML and expensive proprietary systems to WordPress as a CMS. This session looked at the pros and cons of switching to WordPress, the nuts and ’bots of migration, and the technical and human impact WordPress has had on our operations. We covered many details of our experience – process tips, plug-in recommendations, pitfalls to avoid and the surprising outcomes we’ve experienced. The session was attended by both managerial and technical team members interested in WordPress as a full CMS option.

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Trello for self-managing teams

I’m a Trellovangelist. A dedicated fanboy of Trello, an increasingly popular Kanban style organizing tool that can be used in many different ways, from agile project management, to a issue-tracking system, to a personal organizer.


I use one of my many Trello boards to coordinate the web and social media work/study team at Brescia University College. As new web and social media tasks and projects are requested by University staff and faculty they are added to the board, and assigned to various team members for completion.

Or at least that’s how we used to do it.

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